Top Threats Facing Professional Services Companies

Loss of Access 

 Unprotected systems can be remotely locked out leaving companies exposed to extortion threats such as through Ransomware or risk complete loss of data.

System Takeover  

The takeover of your computers and network resources can lead to decreased system performance, expose your private data, or even allow your systems to be used to commit crimes.

Information Compromise 

Private information (such as confidential files, financial records, or other sensitive or privileged information) can be exposed and either used for fraudulent purposes or sold on the Dark Web.

Regulatory Non-Compliance 

Professional services companies have legal obligations to safeguard their information and the information of the clients and the failure to adequately meet these obligations can expose companies to substantial liability.

What is a Cybersecurity Managed Service Provider?

A Cybersecurity Managed Services Provider or Managed Security Services Provider is an all-in-one resource for identifying cybersecurity vulnerabilities, designing a pragmatic and resource conscious solution to comprehensively address the liabilities, and document the solutions as evidence of professional diligence and regulatory compliance.

As consultants who focus exclusively on professional services companies as part of the firm’s risk consulting practice – as opposed to an IT based practice — R+I Cybersecurity integrates a strong understanding of the unique intricacies of each our clients in order to effectively determine their cybersecurity needs.

WHY R+I Cybersecurity?

Industry Expertise

With a background in professional services, our firm understands the cyber threats facing our clients.

Solutions Oriented

We solve problems as opposed to merely offering products or services.

Pragmatic Implementation

Our solutions take into account the practicalities of running a firm while maintaining security.